The Westinghouse Model M-26P Phased Plasma Pistol was a weapon developed by Skynet's Machine Army.


The Westinghouse 26-P was a phased plasma weapon developed by SKYNET and first deployed in 2009 in a timeline where Judgement Day took place in 1997. It was commonly used to arm members of the Deus ex machina movement sent on infiltration missions as well as as being a common weapon of T-Series units assigned patrol duty in low priority prison encampments and later T-series infiltrator units.

The M-26P can be considered the parent of the Phased Plasma Pistol due to being the first such weapon widely deployed and the fact that almost all of the later models of Phased Plasma Pistol used in the Machine Wars are modifications of the M-26P.


The M-26P is a 30 Megawatt Phased plasma weapon whose powerpack carries 28 discharges worth of energy before being completely drained. One well placed shot can kill a human and cripple or destroy an early T-Series unit but more advanced T-series units require multiple closely grouped shots to bring down.