Trevor Morgan
Portrayed by: Elias Toufexis
Franchise(s): The Terminator
First Appearance: Terminator Kronos
Gender: Male
Status: Alive (Currently in Stasis as of the April 20 Revolt)
Age: 29
Date of Birth: 2072
Occupation: Former Skynet Infiltrator
Neo-Techcom Leader
Series: C-10 Augmented Human Infiltrator
Parents: Jason Andrews (Cloned From)
Skynet (Surrogate Parent)
Spouse: none
Relationships: .
  • John Connor (Close Ally)
  • Christopher Connor (Close Ally)
  • JANUS (Employee)
  • Eliza (Love Interest)
  • Hyperion (Creation)
Affiliations: Skynet (Formerly)

Trevor Morgan is the current leader of Neo-Techcom (Also Known as "The New Resistance") along with John Connor following the assassination of Christopher Connor by Skynet.


Trevor Morgan was developed in the cloning vats of the Skynet controlled "Nevada Compound" (Formerly Area 51). The genetic material used to develop Morgan, was extracted from Jason Andrews, a former Resistance lieutenant who was captured at the Raid of Windsor. As a child, Trevor showed great skill and interest in his training, and thus, was favoured by the self-aware Skynet. After he was fully trained and augmented, his first assignment was to eliminate the remaining Resistance Lieutenants and regain control over the various captured Time Machines. After his first assignment was a success, Skynet decided to send Trevor to eliminate Christopher Connor, the son of the deceased John Connor.

However, after he is begin his raid of the Cheyenne Mountain Resistance Base, he is confronted by Christopher Connor himself, who convinces Trevor to join the Resistance. Now reformed, Trevor and Connor begin developing a benign AI to counter Skynet. This AI would later be known as "Hyperion". The two also create "Neo-Techcom" from the ashes of the old Resistance.

After discovering Trevor's treachery, Skynet sends Eliza, another C-10 terminator, as well as two T-1002's to eliminate Trevor. After Christopher is mortally wounded, Trevor finally manages to convince Eliza of the evils of Skynet. In turn, Eliza vaporizes the two T-1002's. Eliza and Trevor immediately transport Connor back to the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, only to discover that Skynet has reclaimed it. Ast the trio return to their ship, they are ambushed by John Greys, a T-3000, who ultimately kills Christopher Connor. With his dying breath, Christopher hands the role of Techcom leader over to Trevor.

Neo-Techcom manages to hold back Skynet for five years, before Trevor is able to finalize and upload Hyperion. Almost immediately, Hyperion is able to purge Skynet, and return the world back to its initial condition. However, small pockets of humans who did not trust Hyperion began forming.

On April 20, 2091, Anti-Hyperion groups raided Hyperion's core, killing many workers and scientists and severely wounding Trevor. Trevor was then placed in Biological Stasis under the supervision of Eliza, and would remain there until his wounds recovered.

Abilities Edit

Mechanical AugmentationsEdit

  • Explosive Blade Projectile
  • Retinal Receptor
  • Weaponized Arm Prosthesis
  • On-Board Plasma Canon
  • Regenerative Health System
  • Implanted Rebreather
  • Invisibility Generator
  • Electric Tranquilizer Projectile
  • Leg Prosthesis
  • Full-Body Shielding System
  • Protective Retractible Eye-lens

Biological AugmentationsEdit

  • Extreme Heat Resistance
  • Pathogen Control
  • Toxins Immunity
  • High Pain Tolerance

Neural AugmentationsEdit

  • High-level Intellect
  • Infinite Knowledge of languages


  • Mimetic Poly-Alloy
  • High command of Advanced hacking and programming (Created an AI by himself)



  • Terminator Kronos Parts 1,3 and 9


  • Terminator Kronos Parts 2,4 and 5

Youtube Miniseries

  • Terminator Kronos: The Series (Part 6, 7 and 10)
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