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Thomas Young
Portrayed by: Andrew Garfield
Thomas Robinson (11-yr old)
Franchise(s): Terminator Genisys
First Appearance: Terminator Genisys
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Age: 24
Date of Birth: 2005
Date of Death: 2029 (alternate timeline)
Occupation: Tech-Com Corporal
Parents: Mr. Young (father)
Affiliations: Twilight
Resistance: Tech-Com Unit
Only including details given in Terminator Genisys. See Thomas Young for other versions of the character.

Corporal Thomas Young, was a member of Resistance to fight Skynet in the War against the Machines.


See also: Thomas Young (Original Timeline).

Alternate timelineEdit

Thomas participated in Operation Chrono. After the battle, he was one of the Tech-Com member seeing Kyle Reese off in the Time Displacement Chamber before he was killed along with other members in the hand of Alex, except for John Connor.



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