A Terminator is a type of Hunter-Killer designed to terminate other life forms. Terminators are built by an artificially intelligent computer called Skynet, in order to wipe out the remains of humanity after the Judgment Day.

A Terminator with a female outer sheath is referred as a Terminatrix.

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Checkmate/Kronos SeriesEdit


  • T-Zero
    A Terminator that uses living tissue covering for superior infiltration.
  • T-Mimic
    A mimetic polyalloy Terminator capable of altering its form and appearance.
  • T-Gambit
    An advanced endoskeleton based on T-950 that possesses mimetic polyalloy and various other abilities.
  • Mite-Terminator
    A bug-like unit used to reprogram Terminators.
  • Tankinator
    An advanced tank with various abilities.
  • Droneinator
    A drone with a low power laser weapons.


  • C-10
    A human based Terminator with various abilities.


  • T-1337
    An advanced Terminator with adaptation and mimicking abilities..

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