The Cyberdyne Systems Model X series X800 Terminator Was an advanced Terminator sent back in time with orders to kill, or shut down Cameron a T-900 model Terminator who was reprogram to protect a younger John Connor . Several models of TX-800's were sent back in time to assist the main unit, these models worked together in squads of 5 - 6 units. This unit is most unique as it is a T-800 which has been heavily modified for Infiltration, assassination and heavy assault.

History Edit

Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles S3 Edit

The TX-800 was emerged from a time displacement sphere near Los Angeles right behind a truck stop , in 2007 A.D, unlike its siblings it didn't seek out clothing in fact it didn't have living tissue covering its exoskeleton appearance. Two LAPD officers arrived on scene, right as the TX-800 murdered everyone at the Truck Stop, a female officer named Lin Wu opened fire, at the machine not recognizing the danger she was in. The TX-800's heavy exoskeleton allowed the bullets to deflect off its shell with ease, using its built in stealth field generator it snuck behind the second police officer, who was trying to radio in reinforcements and snapped his neck.

Lin confronted the machine, and screamed in horror the TX-800 made a full appearance . The TX-800 grabbed Lin before she could flee, he slammed her head into the cruiser , repeatedly before fleeing.

Later the TX-800 used its stealth system to shadow Cameron and John, on their way to school, he caused a car crash, by planting a fragmentation mine in the highway.

He did so, because Skynet set a trap, a squad of TX-800c's and T-600's were prepared to lunch an assault. A TX-800 on the roof armed with a plasma launcher open fire, and destroyed the jeep

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