The Terminator
Portrayed by: Chris Hemsworth
Franchise(s): All
First Appearance: T-X
Alias: Modified Advanced Terminator
Gender Program: Male
Status: Active
Series: Modified T-X
Model: 202
Features: -Bulky
-Nuclear Power Cells
-Built In Time Portal Device
-Mimetic Polyalloy
-Onboard weaponry
-Nanite Injectors
Occupation: Assassin
Targets: John Connor (Mission Priority)
Affiliations: Skynet
T-X Terminator, One Of Skynet's Most Advanced Terminator Units, Was Sent Back In Time To August 29th, 1997. His Primary Mission Was To Protect The Activation Of Skynet.


The T-X Is Extremely Emotionless, Cold, Violent And Ruthless. It Almost Never Showed Any Facial Expression Beyond A Cold And Flat Face, And It Usually Only Spoke When It Meant To Engage Others For Information Or When It Intended To Throw Unwanted Attention Off Of Itself. The T-X Was Noted To Have An "Attitude Problem," Tending To Physically Throw Others Put Of Its Way To Get Past Them Or To Use A Phone Booth. The T-X Was Also Very Brutal And Completely Merciless, And Was Quick To Killing When Others In Any Way Didn't Cooperate With Its Plans And Demands. Like Most Terminators, the T-X Is Single-Mindedly And Inhumanly Relentless In Completing Its Mission At All Costs, To The Point That It Continued Its Protection Of Skynet Without Giving Up,

Despite Its Almost-Blank Personality Though, The T-X Possesses a Full Grasp Of Human Emotions And Is Able To Show Convincingly Emotional Responses. Also Possess Just Enough Social Information To Calculate What The Best Verbal Response With Which To Throw Off Unwanted Attention Was. It Was Also Intelligent And Resourceful Enough To Calculate Multiple Different Methods Of Tracking Down And/Or Killing Resistance Members

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