T-877 ARM
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The T-877 or Series 800-77 is a variant of the series 800 terminator. It was Produced by Skynet in the late 2040s in as a sole unit.

Notable features: Edit

It has a denser chrome black endoskeleton and there is a 12 hydrogen fuel cells along with a liquid molecular neural net processor.

It is shown to have extreme resistance to any form of damage and has a mimetic polyalloy circulatory system that grants the ability to self repair its endoskeleton at will.

The more advanced mimetic polyalloy is capable of producing itself by simply absorbing molecules from the environment and changing them at a subatomic level.

Because of its abilities, the T-877 is a completely new type of machine which was later known as an Andro-Genesis Organism, or A.G.O. This terrified the resistance even more and it on becoming self aware, it affiliated itself to Sky-0-net meaning nor skynet, nor resistance. To the right is the arm of the T-877 without wrist or circulatory system

CPU Edit

As mentioned earlier the CPU is an advanced liquid metal brain capable of increasing its via accessing other molecules and altering them at a subatomic level. Along with its already vast databases, it has the ability to access any humans brains memory it touched on the head and instantly download all the information store in the brain.

Because of the enhancements, it is able to learn at rates much faster than Skynet and hence was not mass produced.

Endoskeleton Edit

Its endoskeleton is extremely durable. This terminator is able to survive 1000 times more powerful attack to what a T-800 is completely destroyed with being composed of a C-Dia-Graphine Titanium Platinum Alloy. Also being aided in regeneration by its liquid metal nuclear circulatory system, the endoskeleton can "heal" very quickly making it almost impossible to destroy.

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