Australian Terminator series 4000
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Biographical Infomation
Birth: January 4th 2030
Death: 1915
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Affiliation: Skynet

The T-4000 is a reverse-engineered T-800 that targeted Sarah Connor in 1984, and often referred to as a relic from a deleted timeline like Pops.

Specification Edit

Much like the T-3000; the T-4000 has a machine matter that forms its chassis using magnets. However unlike its predecessor thanks to an unknown future mineral he has more resistance to other magnets, and can recover from damage much faster. He can shape-shift is appearance into anything, and can even mimic the appearance of a T-800. However it can be stopped if frozen solid, and by a large quantity of heat.

History Edit

The T-4000 was sent back to target Sarah's ancestor in 1500 AD, but the machine ended being trapped, and frozen underwater until 1915 where he was set free via a bombing during the Atlantic theater. After that he began targeting Tom Connor, and attempted to Assassinate him, but he was saved thanks to Sarah Connor, Kyle, and Pops. The T-4000 was eventually destroyed after falling into an active volcano.

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