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Portrayed by: Gabriel Luca
Franchise(s): Dark Fate
First Appearance: Terminator Dark Fate sequel
Gender Program: Male
Status: Destroyed
Series: Rev-9
Occupation: Assassin
Affiliations: Legion

Rev-9 is the main antagonist of Terminator Dark Fate sequel movie.

History Edit

After Rev-10 was sent back to 1995 - two Rev-9s were sent to past with this Rev-9 being giving the objective of stopping Rev-10 while also eliminating people who'll eventually be made into Augments.

However, unlike the second Rev-9; this Rev-9 was specifically programmed to hunt down and eliminate John Connor, Sarah Connor, "Uncle Bob", and Rev-10 as its main priority, however, he'll default to his secondary targets if he fails to acquire his main targets.

Unlike Rev-10 - who arrived in 1995 after "Uncle Bob" left Cyberdyne -, Rev-9 arrived in 1995 before the Cyberdyne mission. Rev-9 arrived at the Corral and copied the replacement outfit of Robert Pantelli.

Terminations Edit

  • Jason Harper - Jason Harper - Grace Harper's father - was one of Rev-9's targets. He assassinated him in 1995.
  • Maryann Harper - Rev-9 kills Jason's mother while protecting her son.
  • Meredith Brewster - Rev-9 sought out to assassinate Catherine Brewster for her part in the creation of the Augment program, however, Meredith manages to save her daughter. Assassinated her in 1997.
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