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Portrayed by: Gabriel Luca
Franchise(s): Dark Fate
First Appearance: Dark Fate Sequel
Alias: Clerk
Gender Program: Male
Status: Destroyed
Series: Rev-9
Occupation: Gas Station cashier
Affiliations: AM/PM

The "Gas Station" Rev-9 is the tertiary antagonist of the Terminator Dark Fate sequel. "Clerk" was sent to target the parents of Augments and/or the children that grow up to be augments themselves.

History Edit

"Clerk" arrived in 1995 after the other Rev-9, however, "Clerk" arrived at Enrique's camp destroying the main van, killing Enrique's wife and children as a result. "Clerk" easily disarms Enrique before terminating him and mimicking his clothes.

"Clerk" steals the rest of Enrique's weapons and first targets Douglas. Seeking him out at Pescadero but learnt that Douglas was sent to a hospital after being brutally injured by an escapee. "Clerk" uses this information to infiltrate the hospital containing Douglas and proceeded to kill him with a lethal injection.

"Clerk" would later seek out Blythe Dyson and invades her home - failing to find her instead "Clerk" encounters the T-1000. He asks if he knows the location of the family to which T-1000 doesn't and asks "why?" "Clerk" reveals that he has been sent to eliminate Blythe Dyson.

The T-1000 carried on with his inspection and learning of the Cyberdyne attack with "Clerk" turning back to leave. He stops after hearing the names of the Cyberdyne attackers and arrived at the scene. He promptly terminated the SWAT Team Leader and took his place where he would be responsible for killing Miles Dyson. However, he suspended his chase after watching "Rev" fly by his motorcycle.

"Clerk" returned to the Dysons' home in order to locate Blythe; he would later successfully track her down and eliminate.

"Clerk" was eventually discovered by Rev-10 and after brief battle; "Clerk" retreated and continued his mission for the next 9 - eliminated each of his assigned targets, however, at some point before 2004; he either completed his primary objective or was waiting for his next target as he was masquerading as a Gas Station cashier before battling with Rev-10 and second-time which resulted in "Clerk's" destruction.

Terminations Edit

  • Jolanda Salceda - Jolanda was unintentionally killed by "Clerk's" "time bubble".
  • Juanita Salceda - Juanita was unintentionally killed by "Clerk's" "time bubble".
  • Franco Salceda - Franco was unintentionally killed by "Clerk's" "time bubble".
  • Paco Salceda - Paco was unintentionally killed by "Clerk's" "time bubble".
  • Enrique Salceda - "Clerk" kills Enrique after Enrique tried to shoot him in order to steal his clothes and weapons.
  • Douglas - "Clerk" terminated Douglas as one of his assassination targets.
  • SWAT Team Leader - Terminated him in order to disguise himself as him.
  • Miles Dyson - "Clerk" was among the members of the SWAT team that opened fired and multiple wounded Mile Dyson, whom later succumbed to his wounds before triggering an explosion.
  • Blythe Dyson - "Clerk" eliminated Blythe as one of his assassination targets.
  • Gas Station Cashier - "Clerk" murdered the cashier of the Gas Station in order to pose as him.
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