The C-10 Augmented Infiltrator is a series of human based terminators that were used by Skynet in 2061.


Unlike previous Infiltrators, C-10 models are either captured from the resistance or born in Skynet work camps.

The C-10 starts out as an infant or young child with a neural net processor attached to the brain, providing an up-link to Skynet.

At age 4, the C-10 begins its training. This usually includes several extreme processes of behavior modification by which the C-10 comes to associate a desired behavior with a previously unrelated stimulus, and specific pharmaceutical drugs for enhanced capabilities.


Trevor Morgan

At age 13, the C-10 begins its continued socialization training, which is conducted by fellow Infiltrators and captured humans, as well as combat training supervised by Series 950 Terminators to add physical conditioning to the Skynet delivered information.

At age 18, C-10's are placed into accelerated modification tanks, which not only, delivers various biological agents, but also prepares the infiltrator for mechanical augmentation.

At age 21, the C-10 is removed from stasis and outfitted with several mechanical augmentations after getting its limbs amputated. The mechanical limbs are then coated with a layer of mimetic poly-alloy to disguise the augmentations.

Finally, the C-10 is injected with a dose of nanites. Those who survive the ordeal, are either deployed on the battlefield, or sent back in time.


Mimetic Poly-AlloyEdit

C-10 models only have a limited amount of mimetic poly-alloy. While it can only cover a small area, C-10's are able to use it as a form of disguising their faces. C-10's are also able to manipulate the texture and density of the mimetic poly-alloy to the point of it being almost skin-like. C-10's are also able to generate blades and short-range weapons out of the mimetic poly-alloy.

Mechanical AugmentationsEdit

  • Explosive Blade Projectile
  • Retinal Receptor
  • Weaponized Arm Prosthesis
  • IAD ChemTech Flamethrower
  • On-Board Plasma Canon
  • Nano-Disrupter
  • Regenerative Health System
  • Implanted Rebreather
  • Invisibility Generator
  • Electric Tranquilizer Projectile
    Character illustration for film part 3 by tiger1313-d7qp681

    Eliza Concept Art

  • EMP Generator
  • Leg Prosthesis
  • Full-Body Shielding System
  • Protective Retractible Eye-lens

Biological AugmentationsEdit

  • Extreme Heat Resistance
  • Pathogen Control
  • Toxins Immunity
  • High Pain Tolerance

Neural AugmentationsEdit

  • High-level Intellect
  • Infinite Knowledge of languages

Known C-10 TerminatorsEdit

  • Trevor Morgan: The clone of a captured human survivor, who later went rogue and created the AI Hyperion.
  • Model-2113B (Eliza): A female C-10 who was originally sent to assassinate Christopher Connor and later Trevor Morgan. Joined forces with Morgan after realizing the true ways of Skynet.
  • Unnamed Male C-10
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